April 5th- Citi-FieldThe following information has been summarized from SNY's pre-game show.The Mets have the best Opening Day record- 31-17Bobby Ojeda, Ron Darling, Darryl  Strawberry, Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen all agree that today wipes 2009   away.   As a matter of fact, Ojeda says as soon as the first pitch is thrown, last season is forgotten.The Season, according to Cohen, relies on Maine, Perez and Pelfrey.   All agree that the Mets have to get off to a good start.  Keys to winning:        Ojeda -Pitching and specifically Manuel's  handling of the Pitching staff                                                                           Strawberry- Health,   Health=consistency.                                                                           Darling- Barajas and Blanco. Veteran catchers key to the Pitching Staff                                                                           Kieth- Pitching staff- all 12 must perform.                                                                           Cohen- translating the good feeling in the clubhouse and onto the field.According to Kevin Berkhardt, the enhancement of Citi Field makes the stadium more of a home of the Mets.   The Museum is something  else as well as the Apple that is now for everyone to see as  they enter the park.Darryl loves Mejia, wonders how he will handle the pressure. says he has a tremendous arm.Jason Bay effects the whole ball club, according to Strawberry, his professionalism helps David Wright.  John Franco looks good, but he needs to grow his stache back.       Franco beleives in Roles for the Bull Pen.  Manuel believes that offense comes and goes but pitching and defense must be consistent.   He can't wait to see how Bay reacts to New York.  Marlins Line up                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chris Coghlan- LFJermey Maybin -CFHanley Ramirez -SSJorge Canto-3BDan uggla-2BRonny Paulino-CCody Ross-RFGaby Sanchez-1BJosh Johnson-p   (Johnson has never lost to the Mets)The New York Mets Opening Day Line-upAlex Cora-SSLuis Castillo-2BDavid Wright-3BMike Jacobs-1BJason Bay-LFGary Matthews-CFJeff Francoeur-RFRod Barajas-CJohan Santana-P