Let me just say that when I started writing this article, I had no idea that Kelvim Escobar had any type of shoulder pain.   So while I cursed and went through my "not again" rant all over  my house I came to the conclusion that this is not even the first day of Spring Training and that even though the news may not be good on Escobar, it also  may be nothing.   (Jurrjens for instance from the Braves had a scare last week)   So I calmed myself down and began to organize my thoughts about what I have seen and read  so far from Port St. Lucie.  Yesterday I read  C.C Sabathia's  comments, as he walked into  Spring Training,  regarding the "hungry" yankees.    Wow, he says that as he's walking into camp while the a lot of Met position  players and pitchers have been  in camp almost a week now.   That's always good to see.Yesterday, David Wright said some comments about Met expectations.   I like the fact that he refuses to accept the "underdog role"   and raises the bar high for his team.   He expects the Mets to win the NL East and World Series.   O.K, he may be pushing this a bit, but what do we expect him to say?   Get ready for another sub par or losing season?   Y'know what?   He's taking charge down there.   Our David is growing up and becoming a leader.   Maybe the absent Beltran will facilitate this process even more now.          Something else I notice, when a ball player comes into Spring Training a little heavy, he's going to have a rough year.   Here is a small observation, watching Reyes the past few weeks on SNY, I've noticed that  he not only looks like he's in shape but  he also looks thinner.    Yesterday, the Daily news reported that Reyes is in fact one  pound lighter than he was last year.    A small fact  but a noteworthy one.   I  always make it a point to  find out if the players reporting to Spring Training have lost or gained weight.  I know  that when a player shows up having lost weight in the off season, it is always a good sign.     And there's Reyes fielding ground balls and throwing them to who?   Mike Jacobs who just got picked up.  I understand that this is not  uncommon for players to show up early, it's just good to see some of the Met players that need to perform this year getting a jump start to the season.   I guess they know a lot is on the line as much as we do.I'm  done sounding off about who the Mets should have picked up in the off season.   It's now time to get excited.Very excited.I'm not making predictions but let me ask you, if the Mets are so dysfunctional and  the chemistry is so  bad, why are players excited and anxious to get back on the field?It's time to put all those thoughts to bed and begin to see our 2010 Mets.Baseball returns today.