In an article for Comcast Chicago, JJ Putz reveals "the truth" about his Mets endeavor. (hat tip to Andrew Marchand for the link)"It was a mess from the beginning" said JJ, who doesn't appear to have any hatred toward the organization. It sounds to me like he's just trying to be honest, which may be what this organization needs as a catalyst for change."When the trade went down last year, I never really had a physical with the Mets. I had the bone spur (in the right elbow). It was discovered the previous year in Seattle, and it never got checked out by any other doctors until I got to spring training" Putz claims. This is pretty damning - he has no reason to lie about this. He's not filing a grievance against the team from what I can tell, and he already has a contract with a new club.Why wouldn't the Mets have given him a physical? I can't think of one explanation aside from complete and utter negligence. Making matters even worse, we know that the Wilpons decided to stick with last year's medical staff including everyone's favorite guy, Ray Ramirez. I hate to put this out there, but could the Mets have not given him a physical because they were so eager to please the fans, all that mattered was getting the player? It disgusts me to even consider this possibility, but I don't see how we can't. The alternative notion of not giving a player a physical who you know has a bone spur is beyond moronic."I knew that I wasn’t right. I wasn’t healthy. The toughest part was having to face the media and tell them that you feel fine, even though you know there’s something wrong and they don’t want you telling them that you’re banged up." Ah, there's the evil intent from the organization that I was looking for.I don't even know what to think of this all. Completely disgraceful. As much as I try and stay positive about this team, crud like this always gets in the way. The Wilpons need to respond to this and clear their family name, or there will be a lot of heat to take in Flushing.UPDATE: Mets released the following statement: "In our review of the player’s medical records in the acquisition of J.J. Putz, we were aware that he had a bone spur before the trade.   He had the same condition in 2008 and was able to pitch with it.   J.J. underwent an exam during Spring Training and an additional exam and MRI before he was cleared to play in last year’s World Baseball Classic.   Unfortunately the spur did flare up again in May, and he missed the rest of the season.   We are happy to hear he is feeling well, and wish him success with the White Sox."