So around 9:00 last night word came out that the Mets were DAFing Omar Quintanilla.  Shortly after the beat writers were all pointing to Flores as his most likely replacement. 

Obviously the pessimist right away came back with the "Terry will continue to play Tejada while Wilmer rots on the bench".  

Regardless of your feelings on Collins, I can't help but think Alderson isn't thinking of Flores as a backup.  If Wilmer is indeed on his way to NY, he's here to start. 

So this brings us back to the premise.  The Mets have been in rebuilding mode for 4 years now.  The byproduct of a rebuild is eventually those prospects have to be promoted and given the opportunity to play.  However, what we have seen from many fans is an unwillingness to allow those things to happen.  Players like Duda, Mejia, Familia, Wheeler, TDA and Flores have been the subject of a many a "send them down and get someone in here who can play..."

During the spring many Mets fans were split on Flores wanting him to get the nod or demanding that he isn't even a middle IF and really doesn't need to own a glove.  Every single play in spring training was clipped out, broken down, put in slow motion as each side tried to use it for or against their cause. 

We know that NY is a tough place to play, it has crippled a many.  Flores also knows that SS is most likely the toughest challenge he has faced.  Doing that in NY while the Mets are scuffling and being expected to field the position while providing an offensive spark as a 22 year old?  If Mets fans aren't patient, the media will feed off of their fears and Wilmer will be given no shot to be successful on a venture that many question already. 

So as fans, it's time for us to develop as well.  This is the next stage in the rebuild, it's time to sit back and cheer for TDA, Flores, Lagares, Familia, Mejia and the kids not only when they are on fire but when they are struggling as well.