<!--Session data-->Allow me to introduce myself in post twoI'm Mattone.   What's up.   I love the Mets.   They consume my summmers.   Well, that and the Hamptons.   In the fall, I turn to my other love:   Football.   Played from age 4 all the way through college.   Even coached a season of college football.   Saturday for me is gameday.   So every Saturday, join me on The Real Dirty Mets Blog for Coach Mattone's Quick Hits from the week that was.   Mostly about the Mets, with some baseball and whatever else I want to write about.   But mostly Mets.-   Frenchy is awesome.   He plays with fire, passion, intensity.Frenchy.  Awesome.- Tim Redding is not awesome.   He needs to shave.- I hope Josh Thole becomes a great player.   But I've seen blindfolded kids swing at Pinatas with a wiffle ball bat with more power.- Please someone update me on where Matt Galante is, and if he can come back and coach third base.-   That 80 swing drill Jerry Manuel implemented in Spring Training?   Might want to scrap that.- Kirk Nieuwenhuis.   I'm predicting /hoping he becomes a Brad Hawpe type player at the dish.Kirk.  Could be awesome.  - Good luck, Russ at Stitches in Whitestone, when Kirk gets the call to the bigs.- Speaking of Whitestone, Cherry Valley Deli, TCS.- Maryse Ouellet, will you marry me?My future ex-wife. - Aroldis Chapman?   Save the money, Omar, and go get Lackey.- Bobby Parnell?   Set-up man.- Fausto Carmona?   Not a major league pitcher.   The Indians are pretty bad.   They need the guy from the Allstate commercials playing right field and smacking homers.   And talking to Jobu.- I never met the man, sure he is a great guy, but I'm confident Charlie Manuel has bad breath.- I'm sorry, but I have to say it again.   Maryse Ouellet.Had to do it again.- Only name more fun to say than her's is Benny Agbayani.Ah, the good old days. - My computer is fast, finally!   (Look at camera 3) Finallyfast.com!- I hate that commercial.- Back to Francoeur.   Let's get him on some commercials.   He'd be better than Schneider in that Manhattan Toyota commercial.- You know what Citi Field really needs?   A Buffalo Wild Wings across the street.   They really got to get rid of those chop shops.- Can we throw out Sean Green too when we throw out the chop shops?   He might as well wear number 48 and change his name to Heilman.- Shameless plug Shameless plug Shameless plug What are all of you guys doing this week?   Coming back here to read some great writing about everything Mets.- I'll send $5 to anyone who goes to the Astros series and holds up a sign reading "Lance likes Fish Sticks".   Just beacuse.Do you like fish sticks in your mouth?<!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data-->