The official hat of the 2009 Mets.  Ugh.Happy Saturday and October Met fans.   Well, not Happy October.   Sad October.   Long October.   An October where the only thing we can look forward to is who is losing their job (cough Warthen! cough).   Regardless, the sun is shining (barely), football and the Mets are on the tube, and I will be watching neither.   See y'all down at Long Beach Irish Day!   Here are the hits from the week that was:- It seems that every day that passes, Danny Murphy gives Omar a reason to go into the winter feeling confident in the first base position.- Whether he is good enough or not, Omar better not spend on the free agent first baseman out there.   There is nothing worth spending on, save the money for pitching.- And when I say pitching, I mean John Lackey.He better be looking good in orange and blue next year.- Speaking of Southern California, Stafon Johnson...get well soon.- Same goes for Mark Herzlich.   Keep fighting.- K-Rod:   Two walk-off grand slams this year, one to the Nats, one to the Pads.   Do the team a favor and get it up for every game, not just the ones against the good opponents.- John Maine:   Please, please, pitch all of next year the way you did last night.- Ollie Perez:   Please, please, don't play next year.   Retire.   Take up golf.   Just leave New York.   and the country.Aye caramba!- Is it me or was Keenan Thompson funnier when he was on All That compared to Saturday Night Live.   He is at Ollie-level right now.- If you could, go to the Arizona Fall League to check out Met prospects.   Some pretty high end talent that could make a splash next season in the bigs.- For a real reason to go, Stephen Stratsburg is playing.-Can't wait to watch him kill the Mets for the next four years.- Speaking of number one overall picks, Paul Wilson.Sad.  Just sad.- Remember Generation K?   Hahaha.- I never got the Derek Jeter is hot business from the ladies, but Mark Sanchez?   I get it.- But I prefer Jeter's lady friend, Minka Kelly.Go Panthers.- Who do I not prefer?   Kate Hudson.   A-Rod can never get it right, can he.- Jerry Manuel can't get it right either.- Neither can Jimmy Football.   He is not tailgate approved.- As much as Met fans hate Steve Phillips, he got to the world series with a much lower budget.   Just saying.- Unfortunately, Steve lost all of his brain power sitting next to this for the past few seasons.MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!- This week on TRDMB, check out posts from the first week of the off-season, including my statistical breakdown of Aroldis Chapman.- And I'll try harder next time on Quick Hits.   Please forgive me.   It's Long Beach Irish Day.   I can't stop thinking about Jameson shots in the rain.   And going to Minnesota's, The Inn, Beach Bagel, The Saloon, Beach Bagel again...- But before I go, here is the exclusive behind the scenes convo between the IOC and Obama.Obama:   So, in closing, I think, that, Chicago, a fine city, should host, the Two-Thousand-and-Sixteen, Ol-ympic Games.(standing ovation)IOC: Thank you President Obama.   Chicago would be our top choice after that speech.   But you brought Oprah.   And we don't want to have to listen to, look at, or think about Oprah not only for the next seven years, but ever again.   We'll pick the city with millions of beautiful Brazilian women walking around in bikinis.   Thanks.-<!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data--><!--Session data-->