While Mets fans await what the end game will be regarding the R.A. Dickey negotiations, the results could prove to be key in how it shapes the Mets' future. One thing that I am noticing this past week is how patient, understanding, and cordial Dickey's agent Bo McKinnis has been during this past week with the Mets on all of this. Which is not something I can say I've seen an agent be so public with while in the midst of negotiations.
“We have enough of a difference of opinion that if R.A. does get traded, I can’t say I would be surprised. I’m not saying that’s our first choice, but if it happens, I’m not going to be surprised. There will be no hard feelings with it, either. Certainly, if it were to happen, R.A. would like to go to a winning, successful club. But it’s just part of the business." - Link
“It’s kind of been a slow process, but that may be a product of Mr. Wright’s deal this past week. I know that had to occupy their time significantly. But there has not been anything confrontational between Sandy and myself. And I feel as though he’s been very forthright on their side. And we have on ours.” - Link
"For me to say that are in an awkward spot, not knowing whether to sign him or trade him, I guess we're similarly mixed." - Link
"In terms of years and structure, we're agreeable on multiple structures," McKinnis said. "Sandy has been good about that. It's just a matter of getting the dollars right." - Link
"I'm not comfortable talking to dollars, but I don't mind saying we're doing everything on our end to be fair. I don't think we're being unfair, and I think Sandy is trying to do the same as well." - Link
The other thing that seems apparent is that McKinnis & Dickey are pretty comfortable with the idea of possibly being traded by the Mets.
"As time has progressed," McKinnis said of his client, "I think he is getting more to a peace with it." - Link
McKinnis reflected Dickey's own recent comments in noting his client would be amenable to a trade, going as far as to say Dickey's "eyes light up" at the thought of potentially ending his career where it started, in Texas. - Link
"R.A. really does want to be with the Mets, but he doesn't want to be here if being here is not the best thing for the club. If it would open more opportunities for them, we'd accept that trade." - Link
"It really became clear to us that David Wright only knows the Mets, and so I think it would be far more devastating to him to get traded," McKinnis said. "When I say it to R.A., yes he would be disappointed because he wants to be with the Mets. But on the other hand, using R.A.'s terminology, it would just be another step in the journey." - Link
“He said, ‘If being part of the solution is being traded, I’m prepared for that,’ ” McKinnis said. - Link
"They somewhat have a choice to make," McKinnis said. "Do they invest financially or are they better served going out into the trade market. We're fine either way." - Link
"I used the phrase with Sandy," McKinnis said. "We're big boys. If we end up going to another team, it's just fine. Sandy has a job to do and we respect that. We'll take what comes." - Link
Personally my preference continues to be for McKinnis and the Mets to come to an agreement and sign Dickey to an extension. But if they do end up trading R.A. Dickey then I hope it's only because their demands for something of high value in return was met.One thing to note: Dickey set up McKinnis with his current wife. - Link