I am no Terry Collins hater, I believe for the most part considering his resources he does a decent job.  Any manager can be broken down to pure crap when things are going poorly and Gil Hodges when things are going well.  I have also believed that if he was doing anything harmful then Alderson would step in.  While it has only been a couple of games, I am concerned with the benching of Lagares and Flores for not only inferior players but players who are not part of the future.  Ridding the "hot hand" isn't a substitute for actually developing players.  We need to be either winning or losing with the future of the team, not acting desperate in May in an unlikely year.  I mentioned last week how we as fans have to be patient with this rebuild stage, allowing the kids time to develop and not calling for their heads or over analyzing ever play.  Do I think that Eric Young may have earned a little more time?  Yes.  But that can be done other ways.  Give Granderson a day off each week vs LH, give Chris Young a day off each week vs RH and give Duda a day off each week vs LH by shifting Murphy if you like.  Is it ideal to have Murphy play an occasional 1B?  No, but if you want to make sure that your kids develop you don't find PA for Eric Young at the expense of Lagares.

The story with Tejada is even more unusual.  The kid is and has been awful for a long period, has a decent game or two while Flores is sick and now all of a sudden is he the starter again?  Why did you bring Flores up?  Can Flores stick at SS?  I have no idea, most likely not but he needs the PA so the Mets can decide what the hell they are going to do with LH Murphy and RH Murphy (Flores) next season. 

Then I head off into multiple Mets blogs and find that many fans, even blog contributors, are championing the TDA injury as a chance for Centeno to do the same and become the starter?  What in the hell are people thinking?  Is this just pure bias towards who acquired D'Arnaud?  I realize that he has struggled so far in the majors.  At times he looks like he has a plan and at times he looks lost.  I do believe that is called being a rookie.  At this point, highly paid McCann is actually performing worse than Travis.  I agree this is a big year for TDA, but the idea that he could be replaced by light hitting Juan Centeno?  Seriously?  If there is any threat, it's Kevin Plawecki and he isn't really a realistic option until at best sometime next season.  Until then D'Arnaud isn't going anywhere. 

Lets get back to Centeno who seems to be championing the anti-Sandy group.  (Again, this isn't coming from one site, this is coming from multiple locations and especially Twitter). 

Centeno has a .274 .328 .335 .663 slash in 8 years and 1228 PA.  Over those 1228 plate appearances (about 2.5 to 3 seasons for a MLB catcher) Juan has managed 51 extra base hits.  41 2b, 8 3b, and 3 HR.  Yes you read that right, 3 HR in 1200+ PA for an average of .002 HR PPA.  For comparison Ruben Tejada averaged 1 HR ever .007 PA in the minors.  Josh Thole?  .008.  Luis Castillo in the Majors? .004.  Rey Ordonez in the Majors? .004.  Last one, the worst rate in the majors last year with a minimum of 300 PA was J.B. Shuck who had 2 HR in 437 PA for a .005 rate over twice that of Centeno in the minors with 337 PA in Las Vegas where Taylor Teagarden has a .300 .402 .700 1.102 and 8 HR. 

This Alderson vs Omar crap that bloggers, beat writers and fans seem to partake in daily, needs to stop before it actually affects the Mets decision making.  While I do not for one second believe that Alderson would bend to fan whims, I can't judge the Wilpons for even 5 minutes.