"RDM Rewind" will attempt to rewind the clock as we look back at some of our more popular posts throughout RealDirtyMets history. Our 1st installment was one of our most popular posts. It was written by Rustyjr and published back on 12/13/2010. The title was "This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty : The ” Who Was The Most Overlooked Mets Pitcher ?” Edition 12-13-10 "When you hear the name the New york Mets what is the first thing that comes to mind? Okay wisenheimers - other than futility and collapses so epic it makes the fall of Rome look like a lovers spat.The correct answer is pitching ! During their winningest of seasons right down to their most dismal of year, good pitching has always been their trademark - their calling card if you will.Through the years look at the names of some of the better pitchers that have toed the mound for the Mets. Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden, Pat Zachary, Al Leiter, Pedro Martinez, David Cone,Johan Santana, Ron Darling are among the many who sought glory while wearing a Mets uniform.But my question is who was the most overlooked pitcher in Mets history ? was it either Jerry Kooseman , Jim McAndrews or Jon Matlack- who always seemed to pitch in the shadow of the legendary Seaver ? Could it be Craig Swan, the often injured ace of the abysmal teams that wallowed in the National League East basemen from "78-'83 ? Perhaps it was Sid Fernandez, the wide in stature workhorse of the mid to late '80's teams. Or maybe Brett Saberhagen, the man whose season were so hot and cold he could have been diagnosed with a bipolar carreer. Bleach incident aside, he was possibly the best pitcher in that early '90's rotation - after Gooden.In my opinion the distinction of most overlooked Mets pitcher goes to Rick Reed. Rick Reed was the poor man's Greg Maddux. He barely had a fastball that could top 90 mph , but he could get you out with his guts and his guile. He was in the Mets rotation from '97-'02, which included such names as Al Leiter and Mike Hampton and Bobby Jones. But Reed in my opinion was the Mets best big game pitcher. It always seemed like whenever there was a game the Mets must win his turn in the rotation was up.In his five years as a Met, his record was 59-38 with a 3.66 e.r.a. His past season record for the Mets was 1-1.So who in your opinion is the most overlooked Mets pitcher ever?And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Mets alumni celebrating birthdays today are :Mets outfielder from '62-'65, Joe Christopher is 75 (1935) .Third string catcher for the Mets from '68-'69, J. C. Martin is 74 (1936).The only Met to ever become a doctor- relief pitcher, Ron Taylor is 73 (1937) .Utility infielder from the '93 team, Doug Saunders is 41(1969) .New York Mets signed free agent first baseman, Kelvin Torve of the Minnesota Twins on December 13, 1989.He would be released by the Mets on the same day - two years later .New York Mets signed free agent agent, Rodney McCray of the Chicago White Sox on December 13, 1991.Rodney's claim to fame is that he was the outfielder that is shown running through a wall to catch a ball . It was current Mets third base coach, Chip Hale who hit that ball.New York Mets traded fourth outfielder, Chuck Carr to the St. Louis Cardinals for minor league pitcher, Clyde Keller on December 13, 1991.Mets drafted catcher, Kelly Stinnett from the Cleveland Indians on December 13, 1993.Mets drafted back up catcher, Charlie Greene from the San Diego Padres on December 13, 1993.New York Mets signed free agent outfielder, Ryan McGuire of the Montreal Expos on December 13, 1999. He would appear in only one game for the Mets.Atlanta Braves signed utility infielder, Kurt Abbott of the New York Mets as a free agent on December 13, 2000.New York Mets signed rubber armed free agent reliever, Dave Weathers of the Chicago Cubs on December 13, 2001.New York Mets signed free agent outfielder,Roger Cedeño of the Detroit Tigers on December 13, 2001. This would be Rogers second go round with the Mets after he was traded to the Astros for Mike Hampton. Unfortunately it wasn't a happy homecoming. Cedeno - who was known for his speed and power, had some how lost the ability to hit and steal bases. But he sure knew how to cash his paycheck.The Mets drafted flame throwing pitcher, Henry Owens from the Pittsburgh Pirates on December 13, 2004. Unfortunately Omar would trade him away two years later along with bullpen mate, Matt Lindstrom to the Florida Marlins for pitchers, Jason Vargas and Adam Bostick. Neither of the two players are still with the Mets - Oh Omar !!And don't forget, there are just 109 days until the Mets open the 2011 season against the Florida Marlins in Miami and 116 days until the Mets 2011 home opener against the Washington Nationals at Citi Field.Mo Vaughn will be dressed as the Nutcracker for tomorrows Mets Holiday party at Citi Field !!