Here are some reactions to today's announcement of the Gary Matthew Jr trade.Ted Berg -"Make no mistake: This is a deal of a seventh reliever for a fifth outfielder. That’s nothing. This means very little in the grand scheme of things.But it’s frustrating and a little frightening because it shows, once again, how the Mets seem to judge talent in a way that departs so severely from the stats they should now have at their disposal, then overpay to acquire that talent."Matt Cerrone -"To me, I don’t understand how that, plus giving up a pitcher, is better than, say, re-signing a guy like Jeremy Reed, who  just signed a minor-league deal with the Blue Jays."Mike Silva -"I actually think this is a smart move by Omar Minaya because Matthews has some pop, can steal a base, and can play some defense. Statistically he was bad in 2009 in most counts, but there is a positive history. Sure, there are the steroid allegations in the Mitchell Report, but no one is expecting Matthews to hit 20 homers and start every day."David Brown - Big League Stew"Why wouldn't Minaya go out and sign a cheap free agent — Jim Edmonds(notes), Gabe Gross(notes), someone —   or rather than trading an asset for Matthews?"Anthony De Rosa -"I don’t really understand the purpose of this deal. Matthews is a poor outfielder with bad knees and a bad bat. The Mets didn’t give up much in Stokes, and only owe Matthews 2 million. If the Mets are looking for insurance with Beltran out, Matthews is not the guy to provide it."James Kwasnik - The LoHud Mets Blog"Still, even when Beltran comes back, the Mets will have a solid backup to give Jeff Francoeur and Jason Bay days off."Jeremiah Graves -"The move appears to be a knee-jerk reaction by the Mets who possess internal options in Angel Pagan and Fernando Martinez. Additionally, if the club is that worried, it would be better off signing someone like Johnny Damon who can still hit the ball and can play mediocre defense just as well as Matthews can."Ed Ryan - MetsFever"Even without a follow-up move this deal makes sense to ensure center is covered until Beltran returns, I'd rather have Matthews then the group of back-up center fielders I mentioned the other day, of which only Reed Johnson and Alfredo Amegaza ( who's just starting to run) are left..."Joe D -"It’s a good move and gives the Mets a strong backup to Angel Pagan who will start while Beltran is out. It also keeps F-Mart in the minors, where he belongs."