Hold on for this one if it is true it's pure genius.According to Ken RosenthalSources: Bradley being discussed in 3-way dealCalling the deal a long shot he said:"The teams indeed have discussed the framework of such a deal, though not in direct fashion, according to major-league sources.The Cubs spoke to the Mets about Bradley-for-Castillo, while the Mets spoke to the Jays about Bradley-for-Overbay, sources say."This would be a great move for the Mets.   Then you sign one of the three guys like Polanco, Lopez or the overrated Odawg.   Overbay had a very good season last year with an .838 OPS and has a career mark of .812.   In my opinion he is what the Mets could HOPE that Murphy could eventually turn into.   He is signed for only 2010 at 7 million.