As the off-season changes with the Mets are in full-swing,  TRDM is constantly looking for ways we too can improve our product.Today, I will begin looking for two new authors to add to our already illustrious panel.   TRDM continues to grow and we are in my mind becoming one of the top 5 Mets blogs today.  In order for us to continue to grow and reach new readers I think we have to expand to cover two areas that we only occasionally hit on.   The job description for both are as followed.1) Minor League Guru: Responsible for keeping up with all levels of the Mets minor league system and making post with current transactions and news at least 3 times per week.  We have had this at different times in the past and this is not to take away from what some of our other authors do but to add as a supplement.  In some ways a blog within a blog.2) Sabermetrician: This topic continues to come up and the new stats are used by many and understood by few.  Like the minor league role this author would post 3 saberMET related articles per week.  Looking not only at current year's stats but using these as projections as well as looking at possible additions to the Mets in the future.  Example what FA the Mets should look at based on these stats.These roles of course provide no pay however you do have an outlet for your work that can reach thousands of viewers per month.Interested authors can reply in the comment section and I can then email you with questions.Thanks,TRS86