In an interview with the New York Post, Jeff Francoeur a personal friend of Marquis had the following to say:Francoeur   told "The Post yesterday that Marquis, whom he considers a close friend, desperately wants to pitch for the Mets next season, even as the veteran right-hander focuses on helping the Rockies clinch a wild-card berth. "He'd love to come here," Francoeur -- who indicated Marquis broached the subject to him and David Wright earlier this month when the Mets played at Colorado"   Frenchy added ""He'd be a great fit. He's from Staten Island. He's a New York type of guy. He'll probably be coming off the best season he's ever had."I wanted Marquis last year, but this year he is very dangerous because of the last thing Frenchy said.   He is coming off the best season he has ever had.   Is it that he has found himself or is it that he has just had an abnormal year in his average career?