alg_omarAccording to Adam Rubin the Mets have already made a few changes for next year.   Mets fire Ramon Pena, top guy in charge of signing Latin American talent  .Now the question is where does it stop?   Is this just a classic Mets move of get rid of everyone around you to put pressure on you?   I am expecting this is the Wilpons giving Omar one more year.   I am not sure I like this kind of move as it has been tried before.   Example fire all of Willie's guys to let him know you are not happy with him.   What do you get, an angry scared guy in charge working with a lot of people he does not know in a lame duck situation.   If the Mets were so unhappy with Willie at the time, fire him.   If the Mets are so unhappy with the direction of Omar, firing his assistants is not going to make him a better GM.   Fire Him!   Again, we can debate all day who should stay, go and who they should be replaced by but this strategy of firing their guys for pressure reasons is ridiculous and ineffective.Oh and by the way, Rubin since the debacle has came across as very petty.   He even goes as far as wondering why we have not seen a return from our Latin signings.   Well could it be because they were signed at age 16?