I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but don't think this back injury is going away anytime soon.  I'm a runner.  Two years ago I suffered a stress fracture in my foot training for a marathon(and subsequently got another on in the same foot running the actual race). It didn't take 15 days to go away.It took about 5 months before it felt better enough to run without pain.  And even on cold days, I feel it bugging me a bit.Now, it was my foot which means that I needed a boot and it had to be immobilized.  For a back injury?  It beats the hell out of me what they can do to get him back on the field.I just don't think 15 days is going to heal anything.  A stress fracture is a crack in a bone.  So it's not like you need a cast, you just need not aggravated it.  As long as it's not moving, it's healing.  How the hell do you do that with a back?David Wright is a beast, I'm sure he'll say he can play after a stint on the DL. My point is, I'm not expecting him back or at least normal for a while-regardless of what they say.