According to Metsblog, Jose Reyes is getting treatment for a strained Oblique muscle.   He hopes to get back into the line up by Saturday.Let's think about this for a minute.   Reyes has already missed two games already.   Do you think the Mets should take a chance here to rush him back?  Y'know what helps a strained Oblique-nothing.  The prescription for this is rest!    Why are the Mets fooling around here especially when Beltran is talking about returning on the next homestand?Consider this:   If the Mets were to put Reyes on the DL retroactive two days ago, he would be eligible to come off right at the All-Star break thus giving him a few more days of rest.     Let's play it safe and get him back a 100 percent.When he returns for the second half, you not only have a healthy Reyes but possibly a healthy Beltran too.   This doesn't take into account any pick-up the Omar may make happen before the Trading Deadline.Thoughts?