According to New York 1050's Rich Coutinho: Jose Reyes Met With FBI on HGHThe issue is Jose's association with Dr. Tony Galea who is under investigation for drug violations.   Galea has also treated other sports stars including Carlos Delgado and Tiger Woods.Reyes had the following to say regarding the interview: "The FBI is talking to every player who went to that doctor and they told me everything with me was fine. I was cleared. They asked me if I was ever injected with HGH and I said no".   "Now that I talked to them I am free," continued Reyes,"they just took my blood out and did the PRT treatment (platelet rich therapy) and I guess it did not work because I had to get the surgery."Wouldn't that be some crap.   Hopefully that's the first and only time we hear Jose Reyes and HGH in the same sentence.Audio courtesy of 1050 ESPN.