Thanks to Metsblog for the link.In an interview with John Harper of the Daily News, new Mets assistant JP Ricciardi had the following to say in reference to the book "Moneyball"."It's been a farce," he said. "Michael Lewis is an outstanding writer, but there were a lot of liberties taken with the book that really didn't paint a lot of people in the right light."Ricciardi wanted to make it known that there were many misconceptions created by the book.One more quote and then you have to read it for yourself.  It's a great read."We did a lot of the things with the A's because we had no money, and we had to find value in players that didn't cost a lot. That's where I think the whole Moneyball concept was mangled. We believed in on-base percentage because we thought it gave us a bit of an edge. We were looking for any edge we could get to close the payroll gap (with other contenders) in any way, shape, or form."