Ken Rosenthal (Fox Sports) believes the Phillies and Angels are the front-runners in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes. The Phillies are reportedly offering " J.A. Happ and one of two outfielders, Domonic Brown or Michael Taylor." Halladay would likely require an extension on his contract before he accepts a deal to a new team.Wow...this could spell trouble for the Mets. A few notes first though - I highly doubt the Jays would accept only Happ and Brown/Taylor in a trade. I imagine it would take two more prospects to get the deal done for the Phillies. Additionally, taking on Halladay's salary ($15.75MM) would balloon the Phillies' payroll, meaning they'd probably have to shed money in another way. Getting rid of Joe Blanton might do the job. The extension on his contract would also make it difficult for the team to hold onto Cliff Lee following the 2010 season.I suppose the rotation would then be Lee/Halladay/Hamels/Moyer/Kendrick. That's an incredibly scary 1-3 (especially in the playoffs), but a very hittable 4-5. I wonder how much added pressure this would put on the Mets to bolster their rotation. I think this would almost force Omar to go hard after Lackey and maybe even one more starter. Of course, that would take $$, which would leave the Mets' offensive squad inferior to the Phillies' crew. Wild card hunt, here we come?I certainly wouldn't mind people talking me off the ledge, so have at it!UPDATE: According to MLBTR: Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. had this to say to Scott Lauber about acquiring Halladay:   "I don't think there's any likeliness. None."