It appears that the Mets have much more of a dilemma with the last few roster decisions than expected.Mets 40 ManThere are 38 names on the list with Krod currently on the inactive list.   Thus 39 spots.HittersGuys no doubt on the team:Davis, Reyes, Wright, Bay, Pagan, Thole, Hairston, Beltran (assuming no DL but does not help 40 man issue), Paulino (will not start the year but has to be on the 40 man), Mike Nickeas (Paulino's sub).Almost if not locks:Murphy, Harris (not on 40 man), Emaus (Rule 5), Hu (out of options)Outside looking in?:Evans (out of options), Hernandez (out of options), DudaOf course one of these outside guys will make the team if Beltran's plan does not go well.PitchersGuys no doubt on the team:Pelfrey, Dickey, Niese, Young, Cap, Krod, Parnell, CarrascoAlmost if not locks:Taylor Buchholz (out of options), Tim Byrdak (not on 40 man, has opt out clause), Beato (rule 5),Just not sure:Acosta (out of options),  Boyer (opt out clause, not on 40 man), Izzy (retirement threatened, not on 40 man), Misch (out of options).Players on the 40 man not making the team:Manny Alvarez, Dillon Gee, Jenrry Mejia, Armando Rodriguez, Josh Stinson, Zach Lutz, Ruben Tejada, Justin Turner, Jordany ValdespinFernando MartinezSo with 39 players on the 40 man and guys like Byrdak that have to be added the Mets could stand to lose a few players.  Most likely guys like Misch, Hernandez and Evans will be exposed to waivers and if left unclaimed will be able to go back to the minors and not be on the 40 man roster.  Those spots would then be free to be used by others.  The problem is that those moves have to be made soon.