rudyNot only is "Rudy" one of my top 10 favorite movies ever but that also is the first name of the man regarded as probably the best hitting coach in baseball former Texas Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. As many people may recall Omar Minaya interviewed Jaramillo for the Mets managerial position before hiring Willie Randolph. Many felt as if Omar only interviewed him in an attempt to try and steal him away from the Rangers and make him the Mets hitting coach. That being said it is clear that Omar through his ties with the Rangers (as well as Sandy Johnson's) likes Rudy.There are certainly arguments against bringing Jaramillo in. The first being HoJo. Johnson is one of my favorite Mets ever and did a reasonable enough job with what he had (he is garnering huge praise for his work with Frenchy) . That said, his star pupil David Wright had his worst season ever by a good margin and the Mets "concept" of settling for 100% small ball certainly did not help the offense score runs. Personally I would be for bringing in Jaramillo (he too has worked with Frenchy, who praised him greatly but said he didn't to work with him every day to reap the benefits) because I would be excited to see what he could do with Reyes and Wright as well as guys like Fernando Martinez.The other "downside" to Jaramillo is Jerry Manuel. Why you ask? Well Manuel as many of us realize is on thin ice and because of this bringing in a guy like Jaramillo adds yet another person looking over his shoulder and potentially taking his job.Has Johnson "earned" the right to come back? I don't feel strongly either way but it's not as if he would be such a hot commodity that we would have to worry about losing him. The Mets could make HoJo the bench coach or even send him to AAA as either the hitting coach or bench coach. Jaramillo's track record is very strong and while hitting coaches may in fact be "overrated" I would leave no stone unturned in improving this squad.Thoughts?Update:   According to David Lennon: Mets don't have plans to speak to Jaramillo