With the New York Mets 2010 season unofficially done (go ahead Mets sweep the Braves and make me eat this) I'm interested to look ahead at some potential changes from within to the team's 40-man roster.  Given the framework for the December Rule 5 draft (players drafted out of HS in 2006 or out of college in 2007 must be protected) here's a quick list of some players in the Mets minor leagues that may be added to the 40-man roster over the coming months.Josh Stinson - '06 HSBrant Rustich - '07 CollegeZach Lutz - '07 CollegeLucas Duda - '07 CollegeMichael Antonini - '07 CollegeDillon Gee - '07 CollegeRoy Merritt - '07 CollegeRylan Sandoval* - '07 College*Sandoval was drafted in 2007 but only began playing in the Mets system in 2010, it is unclear whether he is subject to rule 5 protection at this stage.  This is not the complete, official list of players that must be protected.  It does not take into account any international signings.  It is just a subjective list of some drafted players that might be.  This link will allow you to search for other drafted eligible players.