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Some Rumors are Just Hard to Shake.

Today again people in the baseball world are discussing the Mets interest in Nick Johnson.Edes On Nick Johnson, Valverde, PennyBy Tim Dierkes Yahoo's Gordon Edes wrote about many different trade scenarios in his column last night.
  • The Nationals have been scouting the Mets' Triple and Double A teams, trying to figure out a possible return for Nick Johnson.   Names of interest for Washington: Jon Niese, Mike Antonini, Eddie Kunz, and big leaguer Bobby Parnell.   The Red Sox also had interest in Johnson, but not for the price of Michael Bowden.
  • Edes seconds Ken Rosenthal's rumor that the Red Sox have been scouting Jeff Francoeur.
  • Edes likes the fit of Jose Valverde with the Rays, but speculates that the Astros could ask for Wade Davis in return.   Six years of Davis would be a huge price to pay for a few months of Valverde plus possible draft picks.   Edes also likes Mark DeRosa for Tampa Bay, but they seem well-equipped to handle Akinori Iwamura's injury with internal options.
  • Edes names the Phillies, Brewers, Royals, and Twins as possible suitors for Brad Penny.   Edes adds that the Phillies "are already making plans for life without Brett Myers" after this season.
  • The shortstop market includes Jack Wilson and perhaps John McDonald, but could become more interesting for a team like Boston  if the Indians make Jhonny Peralta available.