Thanks of course to Mlbtraderumors for this.Oswalt Might Prefer Change Of Scenery  
  • Would Roy Oswalt waive his no-trade clause if he were dealt?   The paper suggests he just may want a change of scenery. He is disappointed that the Astros haven't made an effort to acquire Jake Peavy and has seemed "at odds with manager Cecil Cooper."
  • The Mets and Phillies are both seeking a starting pitcher. The Phillies want a front-of-the-rotation guy while the Mets want a bottom-of-the-rotation guy. New York Post columnist Larry Brooks wonders in jest which role Pedro Martinez could fill.
Added to by TRS86:Oswalt does not appear to be the ace of old.   However, for a #2 pitcher he would be top notch.   Surely he would still require a top bounty.   Oswalt is owed 14 million this season and 31 million combined for 2010-2011.   He also has a 2012 option for 16 million with a 2 million buyout.   Thus if you trade for Oswalt it will cost you at least 43 million.   Does committing 43 million and giving up most likely 2 of your best prospects and at least 1 MLB player make it worth it?   It also does not solve the Ollie issue.   Ollie will eventually have to come off the disabled list and Livan does not deserve to be sent to the pen.   I guess Ollie could be the mop up guy in the pen.   Overall I do not see the Mets making this move.   My fear is however, the Phillies will.   The Astro's and the Phillies of course have a trade history together with Lidge.   At this point the Phillies getting the clear better end of the deal, well at least last year.   Adding Oswalt to replace Myers instead of Bastardo (LOL) solves a lot of their pitching issues.Mark DeRosa adds another suitor
  • The Yankees and Braves are apparently possible destinations for Mark DeRosa. MLBTR discussedthe Yankees as well as the Mets and Cardinals. The Indians are seeking Major League-ready pitching for the 34 year-old DeRosa, who will be a free agent this off-season.
Man this is the rumor that just won't go away.   We have all debated DeRosa's worth.   DeRosa for Niese or Gee?   Maybe.   There is a great chance however, that they would be seeking Parnell our best trading chip.   That with Putz's injury concerns is a trade we can't make.   I like DeRosa but I can not understand how a career multi-positional bench guy has this much demand and trade value.   I tend to not like to trade for players who are at their peak value.White Sox Not Done Dealing, ProbablyBy Nat Boyle Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune says "general manager Ken Williams will continue to seek ways to improve the White Sox" and that "more deals seem imminent." Gonzales notes that the pool of prospective players will expand on June 15 when teams can deal free-agent players signed last winter without their consent.Scott Merkin of agrees:"If the White Sox put themselves in serious contention, there's no question... Williams will do whatever it takes to move his team a step or two further. Take Friday's late-night trade, as an example. It might seem minor in the grand scheme of things, adding backup catcher Ramon Castro for middle reliever Lance Broadway, but with all due respect to Corky Miler, Castro gives the White Sox a greater presence with the glove and with the bat in games which A.J. Pierzynskidoesn't start. Guillen knows that Williams isn't finished with roster adjustments if other needs arise."  One would think that if any other parts would have fit the deal would have already been made.   However, one of the biggest weaknesses the WSox have is CF.   They are getting Church like numbers out of the RH Brian Anderson.   Would Church who hits RH well be a good platoon option?   If so, what could we expect in return.   Church's trade value has to be at an all time low.   In general after looking at their roster they need hitter's period.   Other than Dye they do not have a .900 OPS guy on the team.   So this puts to rest any idea of getting Dye or any hitter from the WSox.