Sandy Alderson spoke on WFAN two days ago and whether he was there to calm the Met Faithful or sell tickets for next year, one thing was for certain-he spoke things that might get a Met fan excited.Or angry.Depending on what transpires months from today.Now personally, I like some of the things that Sandy said."We need an infusion of players, productive players."You see, I interpret that as saying "We are going to bring in some good, qualified outfielders/catchers"Right?Or how about this one...that they will not be "complacent over the course of the Offseasn...."And finally....."Maybe it's time to make some moves"Now honestly, these are all the right things to say.  As a Met fan, it gives me hope that there is some silver lining in this mess of  2012...But I have to remind myself of a couple of things before I start saving money for playoff tickets.1.  And Sandy said this...he is unsure of his budget for next year.2.  There can always be that excuse of ...."That player was not a good fit"  or "the team in question wanted too much in return for such and such a player"3.  Other Omar Minaya type excuses of why the Mets just missed out on a great player.So a word of warning Sandy as you make your plans.  Your boss may make a liar out of you.  And also remember that Met fans right now are desperate for something positive, saying those things the other day might just come back to haunt you very soon.We all remember.