I'm no baseball genius, I'm just a fan who watches a lot of baseball, both Met and opposing teams and I'll say this regarding this year and next year.If Sandy Alderson and Fred Wilpon think that they are going to walk out of this year's Off Season with the signings of David Wright and R.A. Dickey and leave it at that....you might as well grow sunflowers in all the seats of Citi Field because that's the only living  going to stand this team next year.Now I understand that there are budget restraints, even though Alderson stated that there would be money to pick up some additional players at the Trade Deadline, but still, this team needs something because they are a bad team....really bad.So here's what I think: Alderson is a moneyball guy.  Now is his chance to show how moneyball works.  Open up that book and start finding those cheap diamonds all over the league.  Now, just for the record, I'm not sitting here wanting the Mets to go Marlin crazy. and sign a bunch of mercenaries.  I know that, Alderson has no intentions on doing that, and I know that's not the answer.  Besides, the Mets tried that and it doens't work.But there has to be some changes here....or at least some hope for the future.Yes, I know that Zack Wheeler is on the way.And Matt Harvey will probably be a starter next April.And I also know that firing Terry Collins is definitely not the answer.....the guy is doing the best he can with what he's got.  If anything he over achieved with this team.But there's got to be more.Or else.....Lots and lots of Sunflowers growing all over the place.