First lets kill the fantasy.... Jason Marquis grew up a HUGE.... YANKEE fan, so this cinderella story of a NYC "coming home" is really utter BS. Who cares what city he grew up in anyway? More importantly, Jason Marquis used to play for the Mets... he used to go by the name "Steve Trachsel". Don't get me wrong, Trachsel is unfairly maligned by Mets fans and is actually our winningest pitcher for the 2000's. Trachsel was one of Steve Phillips best moves giving the journeyman righthander 2 years 7 million (3.5 per). Jason Marquis made 9.8 million this year and is looking to match if not surpass that number in the upcoming season. Lets compare the 2 playersJason Marquis- ERA+- 99, era- 4.48, whip 1.42, 200 innings 3 times, 14+ wins 3 timesSteve Trachsel- ERA+-99 era- 4.39, whip 1.41 200 innings 7 times, 14+ wins 3 timesLook at every other "good" teams in baseballThe  Yankees have 2 starting pitchers making 10+ on multi-year deals.... CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, aka their #1 and #2 startersThe  Red Sox have Beckett and Dice-K (Dice-K obviously has disappointed but the intention was that he would be one of their top 2 starters) luckily for them Lester has emergedDodgers-  Dodgers happen to be lucky to have young pitching and with Schmidt coming off the books (a player they signed expecting to be their "ace") they will have 0 starting pitchers making big money with Kuroda being the highest paid.Phillies- Brett Myers made 12 million in the final year of his 3 year 25.75 million dollar deal, ended up being a bad deal but at the time they saw Myers as a potential stud, not a back end guy, none of their other pitchers making a lot of moneyAngels- Escobar makes 8.5 per, gave them 2 VERY good years, hurt this year, Lackey will be expensive if they resign him, Kazmir will replace Escobar or Lackey's contract.Where are the examples of these good teams forking over multi-year 10+ million dollar deals on 31 year old guys who realistically will be a good #4 or a below average #3? Not many examples of this. Teams realize you can get "Marquis-production" for far cheaper prices. People seem to believe that payrolls are inflated by stars, this of course is true but payrolls are mostly inflated to do overspending for production.jason-marquis-rockies-pitcher-320x480