In his daily blog, Daily News columnist ( and alleged Brutus to Omar Minaya), Adam Rubin published a statement from uber agent Scott Boras detailing why the Mets should sign his client Matt Holiday - if they choose to make the commitment."The Mets have a network and they have an infrastructure there that is, I mean, it’s a juggernaut economically," Boras said at the winter meetings Wednesday afternoon. "We’ve seen what NESN has done and they’ve become if not a multi-billion, over a billion-dollar franchise. The YES Network is a multi-billion dollar network and franchise. The infrastructure that they’ve built with the SNY network follows. They’ve got a brand new ballpark. They’re in New York City. Their revenues are in the top three or four in baseball. I mean, the New York Mets have a lot of choices. And the Wilpon family is very successful. Sure, the Mets can sign any player they want to if they so choose to."Uhh Fred, Jeff, Omar... I think that you have been called out by the most powerful agent in baseball. The proverbial ball is in your court, are you going to stick your head in the sand or are you going to go to war with him and obtain Holliday for a fair price?weasel of Scott Boras Fred Wilpon (l.) and Omar ..." Does this mean war?!?"to read Rubins   blog go to