Forget the playoffs at this point step 1 is get back to .500.   The Mets players have started an oath to grow a beard until they get to .500.   Based on my Magic Beard predictions I have decided that will occur August 15th.Looking at the Mets Schedule I see it breaking down this way:Game 1: vs Dbacks   Mets some how do what they have all year bounce back when everyone is laughing. 1-0Game 2: vs Cardinals Santana gets the win 2-0Game 3: vs Cardinals Niese gets killed, he is due 2-1Game 4: @ SD Mets again lose 2 in a row back to 2-2Game 5: @ SD Mets win behind Ollie who actually has a good game 3-2Game 6: @ SD Mets and Pelfrey get the win 4-2Game 7: @ SD After winning 2 in a row in SD they lose with Santana on the mound 4-3Game 8: @ AZ Niese rebounds to get the win 5-3Game 9: @ AZ Livan gets the win 6-3Game 10: @AZ Perez goes 1 1/3 innings and gets killed 6-4Game ll:   SF Pelfrey gets the win 7-4Game 12: SF Santana gets the win 8-4 ..... .500 BABY!!!!!Side note: shhhh.   From there the Mets would have to go 31-15 to get to 89 wins.Amanda Beard Agrees, Get to .500