Adam Rubin in a tweet today said Mets GM Sandy Alderson said he acknowledges he does expect the 2013 Opening Day roster to look similar to the end of 2012. Wasn’t it at the end of the season where Sandy Alderson promised wholesale changes to the team? What has changed, the release of Bay? Bay wasn’t here even when he was on the field. This is not a wholesale change. This is a LIE, nothing more. There has not been a single move to improve the team since Alderson has taken the helm. The moves that have been made are all to reduce payroll. Wasn’t it the other day where Jeff Wilpon explained that the deferment to Bay and Wright's 2013 contract are going to create greater flexibility? The only flexibility I see is to the Wilpons' bank account.If you are still on board with the supposed plan that is in place for this team, then you need to really question what has been done to improve the team, because I continue to see NOTHING. Besides wanting to see Harvey develop and those fabulous new uniforms, are we as fans going to see a repeat of 2012 in 2013? Frankly I need a break.