"Dear Omar, sorry to disturb you but...""A year has passed since I wrote my noteBut I should have known this right from the startOnly hope can keep me togetherLove can mend your life butLove can break your heart"- StingOK first of all I didn't write this a year ago, I'm writing it right now.   But the rest applies pretty well.   As a Met fan, I should've known right from the start that, no matter the level of planning, whether Omar Minaya brought back Oliver Perez or brought in Derek Lowe, whether left field was intended for Daniel Murphy or Manny Ramirez, that it would not work out.   One can only hope that the team will keep it together.   Love of this team could mend my life but much more likely will break my heart.   That's what it's like being a Met fan.   Comedy and Tragedy."I'll have the comedy please"A much greater poet from the British Isles than even Sting (hard to believe I know) put it well over a century before Sting was even born."The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,Gang aft agley"'To A Mouse' - Robert BurnsI'm told this means essentially that no matter how well you plan ahead things often don't work out regardless.   So that's hopeful.Injuries pile on top of bad baserunning on top of poor fielding on top of bizarre managerial decisions on top of failure to execute basic fundamentals in every aspect of the game.   Even when fully healthy this team, while good, was not good enough to play half-assed.   It certainly can't afford to do that now.Pile OnSomething isn't working.   Yes, there are 103 games to go.   But with each passing game it feels less likely that this current group can compete.   Here are some alphabetical cliches the Mets need to hear right now.
  • All hands on deck
  • Backs against the wall
  • Call someone on the carpet
  • Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining
  • Early bird catches the worm
  • Few fries short of a Happy Meal
Omar, I believe that both your's and Jerry Manuel's jobs are on the line if this team doesn't make the post season.   You have 103 games left.   Don't blow them.   Do what it takes.   Do something.   And one more letter in my alphabetical cliche list:   Git 'r done."Help me Omar Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope"