I am not one to tell people how to spend their money or to do something that I myself will not do. So I will try to tread carefully to do so as politely as possible.1240The NY Mets will be celebrating Frank Cashen, Dwight Gooden, Davey Johnson and Darryl Strawberry's induction into the Mets Hall Of Fame this Sunday August 1, 2010. Sadly according to an article in the NY Times tickets are still available for this game.Now I understand if you simply can't afford it as I just can't afford it myself but like Shannon Stark of Mets Police said, "You mean to tell me that there aren’t 45,000 Mets fans in the tri-state area who care about our 1986 heroes?" Can I add that can also actually afford to go and cheer those 1986 Met Greats Gooden, Strawberry, Johnson and Cashen.The Times article says "Mets fans complained often last year that the team did not do enough to honor the franchise’s past at Citi Field, which opened in March 2009... Yet for all their grumbling last year, Mets fans seem ambivalent about celebrating the team’s history this season."If you complained on sports radio or on a Blog shouldn't you now show up if you have the financial wherewithal to go and show you are thankful for the Met Hall Of Fame and that the Mets are recognizing their history?I wish I could afford to go I have yet to even see 1 game at Citi Fields and if this Sunday was my 1st time how great would that be. If you are interested in purchasing tickets just go here.