Like Gary Sheffield or not, he knows baseball and has been around winners and losers.   His view of this group of Mets?   Losers.When ask what the Mets need to get better, Sheff said the obvious but did not pull any other punches either."No. 1 is health -- dedication and health," he said. "You're going to get out what you put in."You're going to get out what you put in huh?   So what are the Mets players and coaching staff putting in?"This team needs to focus on its identity," Sheffield said. "Anybody can get hurt. But the line has to keep moving, even when there are injuries. You can't have a team built on, 'If these guys don't come through, we're going to lose.' "So who is Sheff calling out here?   Is it Delgado?   Is it Reyes?   Manuel? Omar? the Wilpons?   All of the above?"If you do that, you're focusing on the wrong things," Sheffield said. "You focus on what you need to be successful. This team needs to focus on what's the identity of this team."I want no part of Sheff next year, he will want much more than WE had to pay him this year.   But hopefully we can learn from some of the comments that he has made.   One thing that goes back into yesterday's discussion on Wright as captain, we have to remember one of the main factors in Sheffield choosing the Mets was indeed his respect for David Wright.   Hopefully the Mets can put this season behind them, but in order to do that they will have to decide to become professional baseball players which in fact I think is what Sheff is suggesting.