When the cream just went on his hairAccording to Jon Heyman at SI.com:
"• The last day to claim Gary Sheffield and Pedro Feliciano, two Mets of value on waivers, was Tuesday, and it's still uncertain whether either was claimed. Before hurting his hamstring, Sheffield had interest from two AL teams. Feliciano had interest from many. But if GM Omar Minaya still thinks they are buyers, neither is going anywhere, anyway. Billy Wagner would clear waivers and would be a candidate to be traded, though, once he gets into a big-league game. He's pitching in another rehab assignment on Wednesday."
As of today there are still no rumors either way.   Could this be why Sheff has yet to play or why Feliciano has not been pitching EVERY night like normal?   I hope Sheff gets traded for anything but the idea of losing Pedro does not intrigue me at all.   It would leave the Mets with NO LHRP for the upcoming season.UPDATE:   According to Buster Olney both Sheff and Pedro were claimed and pulled back.   No word on who the claiming teams were. Most likely the claiming team for Feliciano would not give up enough and the Sheff claim was a block.