NL East ChatterSo, I do think were mainly on board with the new NL East Chatter site, would be the address.   Being I think we now have a split group at the temporary forum and here on the Real Dirty Met's Blog, I wanted to cover as much ground as possible.I do believe by first thing tomorrow AM, I will go ahead and register the domain and begin working on things over there.   We will need help, specifically:
  • People to make more images, like the one above given by BobbyV2010, which is awesome
  • Possibly web developers, since that will only make the site better
  • Fans of rival teams, in the NL East to blog and chat here on the site, without being angry and destructive about the other teams in the division
  • Administrators for the forum site
  • Great insight, see above.
Anyway, with all these things, we should be very successful.   But if anyone has a problem with the name above, speak now, or forever hold your peace.   Remember, we want this to be about all of us fans, so I want to give equal opportunity here.-mrose