abreu1Last night, Jon Heyman, Baseball writer at SI and SI.com; insider at MLB Network, WFAN and SNY; fan of In-n-Out burgers, Northwestern and Curb, tweeted:
#angels offered abreu a 2-year extension for about $16 million. after MVP calibre year with LAA, he is looking for more.
Heyman later reported that Abreu rejected the Angels' offer.According to Dave Cameron of fangraphs.com:
Over the last three years, Abreu has established a pretty consistent skillset - he draws a bunch of walks, has gap power, runs the bases well, but defends like an old man. His wOBAs from 2007 to 2009: .360, .368, and .367, which makes him worth around 20 runs above an average hitter over a full season.Defensively, it's another story. Even as a corner outfielder, he's bad. His UZR this year was "only" -10 this year after a disastrous -26 in 2008, but a decent chunk of that was from throwing - the ARM portion of his UZR went from +2.4 to +6.8 runs this year, somewhat hiding the fact that he still can't run down balls in the outfield.
I don't know. I mean Abreu's ability to get on base would be great to have Wright and Beltran drive him in. On the other hand, his poor defense would certainly cost the team many runs and games.What do you think? Should Wilpon offer Abreu more than 2/$16M or will there better Left Field  options available for the Mets?