According to MLBTR:
  • Casper Wells has turned into something of an afterthought on the Mariners roster and could become trade bait if the M's were to add another outfielder like Bourn, writesGeoff Baker of the Seattle Times.  Wells struggled when given regular at-bats last season and Baker wonders if the club has given up on the player who was "possibly the front-liner" of the trade package the Mariners received in the Doug Fister deal.
Wells is an intriguing former prospect.  In his 650+ PA over the last 3 years Wells as produced a slash-line of:
 Showing much more promise in a more hitter friendly field in Detroit, Wells' first two seasons produced
Compared to an astonishingly bad line in Seattle:
What of course sticks out is the difference BA.  .286 is very serviceable, .225 is awful.  It appears that his BB% has actually increased over the course of his career going from 6.1% as a rookie to 8.2% last season.  His strikeout percentage was also slightly below his career averages and his LD% actually rebounded to one point above his career average, 17%,  from a very bad 10% the year before.   What I also found interesting is that his BABIP also went down significantly once arriving with the M's.  While with Detroit, Wells BABIP was at .340 compared to a .282 with Seattle.Last bit of random stats.  His career splits are rather extreme.  VS LH pitching, Wells has a useful:
Compared to a not so useful:
Last season those splits were even more pronounced.   As for home and away?  Last year Wells' SLG% was 105 points higher on the road at .452 and his OPS 119 points higher at .761.  Still not great.  Wells also doesn't steal many bases but that's certainly not his role.  So far combining playing in Seattle and Detroit he has 25 HR in 656 PA.   To put that in perspective, Lucas Duda has 29 HR in 898 PA.While in the majors and minors Casper has played every OF position while spending most of his time in CF in the minors.I have no idea what it would take to get Casper or how down the M's are on him.  What I do know is they have a very crowded OF with names up to 9 different players on their depth chart and are still in on Bourn.  I also have read they are looking for reliable back end rotation guys so I also wonder if there's a match?