Two things are obvious to most Mets fans.  One, Lucas Duda has offensive potential and Lucas Duda's defense is offensive.  He has not looked anything but awkward every where he has played at times making Murphy look graceful.  Recently Lucas made the comment that he felt most comfortable at 1B, then LF, then RF.  Leaving RF as last he might as well have said catcher.  Duda at this point, however, is still the most ready player to replace Beltran in the lineup not only this year but next as well.Why not entertain the idea of sliding Bay to RF and slotting Duda in LF for two reasons.  One to see if Bay is able to handle RF defensively and Two to see if Duda can handle playing everyday in LF.   If both of those turn into yeses then you have answered one of the questions going into this off-season.  Also, while Bay is still offensive, his offense becomes less of an issue if he can play a solid RF.Thoughts?