I hadn't really given any thought to Omar Infante this off-season.  Honestly, I expected him to re-sign with the Tigers and perhaps he still does as a great utility man option.  However, should he be an option for the Mets?

While the Mets are interested in upgrading multiple positions, one of their few trading chips seems to be Daniel Murphy.  Signing Infante would give the Mets a true 2B and free up Murphy to either move to 1B for another year or be traded in a package for a guy like Ramirez of the White Sox.  Think how much better our IF defense could be with Infante at 2B who has been a +17.4 UZR guy at 2B the last 3 years and Ramirez at SS with a +23 UZR over the last 3 years.  These deals also wouldn't be cost prohibative either.  

MLBTR is predicting a 3/25M deal for Infante and Ramirez is locked in at 9.5M next season.  That's 18M for the 2 but subtracting Murphy's projected 6M which brings that back down to 12M for the pair and still much cheaper than the idea of a much worse fielding duo of Murphy and Peralta. 

Offensively Murphy and Infante are very close to each other in terms of overall production.  Infante while older has produced over 12 years a slash of:

.279 .319 .402 .721

For the last 5 years:

.296 .331 .412 .743

Murphy during those same 5 years:

.290 .333 .424 .757

Obviously the win for the Mets in this deal would be the freeing up of Murphy for trade and the value that Infante brings in defensively.  

If the Mets kept Davis (I still stammer at the thought) and made these two deals their IF defense should be on par with the best in the league.  Of course that still leaves a lot of holes in the OF but doesn't tie up any extra money in those areas.