According to what Matt Cerrone has gathered: Buzz: Mets still interested in Rod BarajasI actually agree with Cerrone that the Mets should be interested in Barajas because it seems as though he has no market left.   Matt thinks a contract of 1/3 would get it done.   At this point in early February would it even cost that much?   1/2 seems more than enough.   Assuming that the price indeed would be between 2-3M for one year, do you think the Mets should sign Hot Rod?   Based only on articles read there is an assumption that he is an average to above average defensive catcher.   Based on stats he is Brian Schneider offensively with a little more pop.   He is younger than 35 so he has that going for him (Take that Molina) and last season was his first dip below .700 OPS since 2003.