The Tigers have confused the baseball world by signing Armando Galarraga to a 1 year 2.3M deal (non-guaranteed as he is still an arbitration elligible player) and then DFA'ing him the next day.  To me this move makes sense to many perhaps not so much.  Offering him this contract keeps him out of the arbitration process and makes him an attractive trading chip for 10 days.  After that if he is placed on waivers the Tigers may still be able to net something through trade from the claiming team.  If he goes unclaimed and ends up back in AAA then I would bet he does not receive the entire 2.3M.   Also the Tigers would then have the option of releasing him and only owing him termination pay if they make that move before the season starts.  In other words it clears a 40 man spot for the Tigers regardless and yet still gives them an attractive trading chip.Now, with the Mets rotation seemingly full, why would they be interested?Look I am not one to say that Galarraga is gold.  Actually he is a bit overrated because of that no-no hitter that he was part of.   In3 seasons with Detroit he has produced mostly back end of the rotation results.   4.58 ERA, 1.344 WHIP, Pelfrey like K' totals and only a 1.62 K/BB ratio.  However, he is only 29 years old and healthy.   He has consistently averaged around 91 on his FB and his velocity was actually up slightly last year.  Over his career he has also shown to have a decent slider to complement his FB.   He is a flyball pitcher producing a 49% fly ball percentage.   He has also averaged 6 innings per start.With two health concerns slotted for the rotation, I see no reason not to try and bring in Galarraga and get a good look at him during spring training.  You can always release him in March or look to trade him again then.So what would it take to get him from the Tigers during these 10 days?  Perhaps a guy like Evans and a lower level prospect.  Someone they too could look at and see if there would be a role but also not be locked into a salary.  After looking at their roster I find myself not having a damn clue what they need so uh... you make the call.