Official animated soft drink of TRDMBTRDMB would like to thank Slurm for sponsoring the post game during this series with the Phillies, but we're too busy drinking Slurm.   It's highly addictive!UPDATE: 10:43pm   John Maine to the 15 day DL with shoulder fatigue/weakness, no replacement yet announced.Take my urine, pleaseRaul Ibanez, who earlier this week deflected suggestions that he's used performance enhancing drugs, did not help his case tonight when he hit a 3-run homer (21) at Citi Field in the 10th inning to propel the Philadelphia Phillies to a 6-3 victory over the New York Mets.   Both starters, Jamie Moyer for the Phils and Tim Redding for the Mets, gave quality starts but neither were around in the 10th inning.   Bobby Parnell (2-2) gave up a one out single to Shane Victorino and was replaced on the mound by lefthanded reliever Ken Takahashi, who promptly walked Chase Utley to put runners on 1st & 2nd.   After Ryan Howard struck out for the 71st time this season, Ibanez flexed his dubious muscles and dashed the hopes of those fans in attendance not wearing gauche red.Cora as hyphenThe first 5 innings of this game for the Mets were Alex Cora as hyphen.   In the 1st inning, Luis Castillo doubled, Cora sacrificed him over and Carlos Beltran drove him in.   In the 3rd inning, Castillo singled, Cora sacrificed him to 2nd base and Beltran doubled him in.   Castillo doubled leading off the 5th, Cora grounded out to 1st base moving Castillo over, and Beltran hit a sacrifice fly to right to drive him in.   Cora playing team ball and moving Castillo along contributed to 3 runs scored for Castillo and 3 RBI for Beltran.   May the people who referred to Cora as "garbage" this offseason when he was acquired take note.The two Philly fans that I will missSo the Mets shed themselves of one horrid fanbase only to encounter another as they board the armored transport for the trip to the Boogie Down Bronx for a weekend series against a team that at least has a quantity of World Series rings worth noting, the New York Yankees.Box score courtesy
J. Rollins ss411100002.226
S. Victorino cf511000002.288
C. Utley 2b411101100.302
R. Howard 1b400001203.253
R. Ibanez lf511310202.322
J. Werth rf500000300.255
P. Feliz 3b423000000.312
C. Coste c402000102.253
J. Moyer p200000003.059
M. Stairs ph100100000.306
C. Condrey p000000000.000
G. Dobbs ph100000001.196
C. Durbin p000000000.250
S. Eyre p000000000.000
R. Madson p000000000.000
2B - C Utley (12, T Redding); C Coste (8, T Redding).
HR - R Ibanez (21, 10th inning off K Takahashi 2 on, 2 Out).
SF - J Rollins.
RBI - J Rollins (22), C Utley (42), M Stairs (11), R Ibanez 3 (58).
2-out RBI - R Ibanez 3.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - J Moyer 1, R Ibanez 1, J Rollins 1.
Team LOB - 6.
Outfield assists - R Ibanez (D Wright at 2nd base).
DP - 1 (P Feliz-C Utley-R Howard).
NY Mets
L. Castillo 2b533000001.281
A. Cora ss300000101.286
C. Beltran cf301300000.341
G. Sheffield lf400000001.250
B. Parnell p000000000.000
K. Takahashi p000000000.000
S. Green p000000000.000
D. Wright 3b403000010.362
F. Tatis 1b401000002.264
F. Martinez rf300000201.205
O. Santos c401000003.276
T. Redding p200000102.143
D. Murphy ph100000000.242
P. Feliciano p000000000.000
J. Reed lf100000001.317
2B - L Castillo 2 (6, J Moyer 2); C Beltran (19, J Moyer).
S - A Cora 2.
SF - C Beltran.
RBI - C Beltran 3 (38).
2-out RBI - C Beltran.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - T Redding 1, G Sheffield 1, A Cora 1, O Santos 1.
GIDP - F Tatis.
Team LOB - 5.
Base Running
SB - D Wright (17, 2nd base off J Moyer/C Coste).
E - D Wright (9, throw).
J. Moyer6.08330301.496.11
C. Condrey2.00000001.112.27
C. Durbin0.20000001.384.22
S. Eyre (W, 1-1)0.10000001.362.57
R. Madson (S, 4)1.01000101.022.08
NY Mets
T. Redding7.06330601.526.18
P. Feliciano1.00001000.852.08
B. Parnell (L, 2-2)1.12110101.622.49
K. Takahashi0.11221111.433.52
S. Green0.10000101.485.40
HBP - F Martinez (by J Moyer).
Pitches-strikes - J Moyer 102-68; C Condrey 17-11; C Durbin 8-4; S Eyre 2-2; R Madson 14-11; T Redding 92-63; P Feliciano 13-7; R Parnell 23-14; K Takahashi 13-7; S Green 4-3.
Ground balls-fly balls - J Moyer 10-4; C Condrey 3-3; C Durbin 1-1; S Eyre 0-1; R Madson 1-1; T Redding 7-8; P Feliciano 2-1; R Parnell 0-3; K Takahashi 0-0; S Green 0-0.
Batters faced - J Moyer 25; C Condrey 6; C Durbin 2; S Eyre 1; R Madson 4; T Redding 28; P Feliciano 4; R Parnell 6; K Takahashi 3; S Green 1.
Game Details
Umpires: HP--Dan Iassogna. 1B--Mike Winters. 2B--Lance Barksdale. 3B--Randy Marsh.Time: 3:03.Attendance: 38,532.Weather: 60 degrees, overcast.Wind: 10 mph, in from center.