Earlier I advocating trading Dickey in the post:Was Dickey’s Last Start The Final Straw?Today I take a look at a few more shrewd moves that are likely to never happen.  For the record as I look at these, I am still torn on the idea of trading either Dickey or Wright.  These are hypothetical situations designed for discussion purposes only, of course.So you might have glossed over the fact that I just included Wright in that previous paragraph. Of course I have already covered the fact that Wright holds a lot of power in this.  If he chooses not to negotiate or has exorbitant demands then the Mets really have no alternative to trade him.  Lets assume that the Mets are put in that situation.Thanks to Wanny for this idea but lets also assume that the DBacks would trade Justin Upton straight up for David Wright, of course the D-Backs might want an extension window but that's to be discussed at another time.  The 25 year old Upton is signed through 2015 as follows:
201325Arizona Diamondbacks$9,750,000
201426Arizona Diamondbacks$14,250,000
201527Arizona Diamondbacks$14,500,000
Wright currently is scheduled to make 16M next year alone, or 6.25M more than Justin Upton.  As many of you have read, I have been an advocate of Justin's older brother BJ Upton as well. My thoughts with him were signing him to a slightly back-loaded contract that pays him only 6M the first year and then goes up to 14M the next year and 10M for 2 additional years. Making the contract worth 4/40M.  So according to that theory the Mets could potentially have the Utpon brothers for the 2013 season at the same price as Wright.  We all know that the trading of Wright will damage part of the fanbase, what's left of it to damage.  However, there would be a new excitement with the acquisition of the Upton brothers that I believe would go a long way towards bringing fans back into the stadium.Re-sign Scott Hairston for a platoon in LF with Duda.  I know this goes against my idea's of pitching, speed and defense but Rome wasn't built in a day and with Upton and Upton in the OF they can handle a poor LF.Re-sign Shoppach to platoon with Thole, man is this not ideal.  However, with the dearth of catching in the league you go with these and try to hide them in the 8 hole.  If not Shoppach then replace with other scrub name.The other problem of course becomes what to do with 3B?  Is Flores a legitimate answer there?  Can Murphy man the hot corner until Flores is ready?  Again this goes against the speed and defense theory.  You have transferred the defensive issues from 2B and RF to 3B. However, keep in mind that you have significantly improved your overall defense in RF, CF and 2B.I am not going to pretend to know how you would structure this lineup.  Only that conventional thinking might be thrown out the window.  Until Ike and Duda prove they can be stable forces, stop trying to throw them into demanding spots in the lineup.I could see Andrus and the Upton brothers bringing a lot of speed to the top of the lineup and completely changing the station to station baseball that was a downfall of the 2012 Mets.  We know that power hitters are hard to find and traditional saber stats go against the impact of SB.  However, baseball isn't played in a bubble and part of the idea of Moneyball is to find value where others do not.  Perhaps speed and the stolen base is where that lies for 2013.