So a team that had no business being that good in the first half is finally regressing to where most fans thought they would be. As Mets fans we are used to the pain, the failures and all the lip talk. It’s a part of why we root for them. We are not the type of fans that want to win every season, even though we say we do. We love to get kicked in the teeth, then get hugged immediately afterwards and told its OK everything will be different next year. What we want to hear is “We as a team will change”. Well, of course the more things change the more they stay the same.One of the things I feel fans are struggling with is trying to determine what scenario is better, having an underachieving team somehow contend with all these glaring issues that get exposed almost every game and then suddenly fall apart, or having the team just be as bad as we thought all year. It probably depends on what type of fan you are.The anti-Sandy crewHere is a compilation of some comments from 3 different posters on different blogs that mashes perfectly into a paragraph expressing this crew’s stance: “This guy is turning out to be the biggest BULLSHIT artist to ever be Mets GM and you have to be a fool to buy a ticket to support this team as long as this quitter is in charge. At this point, if the GM of this franchise doesn’t care, why should we? Like I’ve been saying all along, he’s a compulsive liar. If this news shocks you it means you’re a sap, smarten up”. These guys wanted the team to be bad all year and it pained them to see any success.The anti-Wilpon crewI am going to paraphrase the rest of these…“The Wilpon’s know nothing about baseball and they destroyed the viability of the team with poor financial and roster decisions. They are liars and have no desire to spend any money. Send a message and boycott the team”. In their heart they wanted the team to get better but they are just fine with the losing.The “Realistic” crew“Between poor decisions by Omar at the end of his tenure, followed by the Madoff scandal, the team was severely handcuffed and unable to invest in the team until these issues are cleared up. Now that the Madoff mess is behind us, it is time for the team to start re-investing in the club and begin to move forward. I will wait until next off-season before I make any judgments against the front office. Now that the handcuffs are off, let’s see what they do”. Excited by the first half and not surprised at all by the second half start. This group may start to turn negative against the club as a whole.The pro-Sandy crewA picture can say a thousand words: For me I am mostly in the “Realistic” crew with a little disdain towards the Wilpon’s. Hey one size can’t fit all. I never thought they were going to do well, so the beginning of the season has been a great surprise. It’s awesome to see David back to form, holy crap the team finally got a no-hitter, and Mr. Dickey has been an amazing baseball story not just a Mets story. So I am not saying these things to suggest I am ready to quit on the season, I just am trying to get some positives out of it. I am really bummed right now. They didn’t pull the wool over my eyes by any means, the defense is atrocious, Sandy’s off-season moves failed so the bullpen is atrocious and now with injures to the rotation, the team is in a unrecoverable position. With all these setbacks, now is not the time to quit. Improvements can still be made, and should be made. You can make moves that improve the pen without hurting what the goal of this season has always been, “let’s get to 2013 and beyond”.  Things like the bullpen and catcher can be improved upon. Not for the goal of trying to get back into the wild card chase (but hey if that’s possible go for it) but for the goal to get better. The pen is destroying the team and all internal options have been exhausted, let’s not let it destroy the rest of the season. Make a move and try to cap the bleeding. Last month I said I believe the front office will make a move or two and if they don’t I will start becoming upset with their approach. I am going to hold myself to that statement. It’s go time, no more excuses. If no trades are made then the franchise will be in danger of having more and more fans succumb to the disease that is the “lunatic fringe’. I want to stay positive, I want to be proud of this team, I WANT TO LIVE and not turn into those haters that want nothing more than see the team fail just to say “I told you so”. Now let’s go Sandy and LETS GO METS.