The Mets are currently 20-17 tied for 3rd with the Marlins and 3 games back of the division leading Nationals with the Braves in between. They are tied in the race for the 2nd Wild Card.  They are actually 2nd in R/G in the NL East and last in R/A in the NL East.  Their strength of schedule ranks them at an even 0.0 the only team that isn't negative in the East.   They are 14-7 vs the NL East playing by far the most in division games of anyone in the division.  In fact the only other team with a winning record in the division is the Nats at 6-2.   They are 11-8 at home, 2nd in the division and .500 on the road.  14-8 vs RHP pitchers and 6-9 vs LHP.  14-8 vs teams that are over .500 and 6-9 vs teams under .500.  They are .500 in their last 10 games and .500 in their last 20 games.So I said all of this to get to my actual question.  Is this a team that is just playing over their heads and will come back down to Earth so just enjoy the ride.  Or is this a team that is a few moves away from being an actual playoff contender this year?  How long do we wait to make moves that actually make the team significantly better or do we stick to our guns saying this was a transitional year anyway so consider yourself lucky you are still in the race in May?Would this team be better with a guy like Lannan in the #5 spot?  Would that be enough?  Should you pony up the prospects and trade for Garza?  Would that be foolish considering the long-term cost?  The team is being destroyed by LH pitching, is a Jason Bay return enough to cure the ills or can the team handle having so many LH players that struggle against LH? Should they trade for a RH bat?  The bullpen is among the worst in the league.  Do they go out and acquire pieces for the pen or stand pat and hope that some of the guys coming in make a difference?  Added into this equation is that by the AS Break you could see Chris Young, Pedro Beato and Jenrry Mejia on the staff.  Offensively anyone that is close is here but we are missing Tejada and Thole who were off to great starts and you do have the aforementioned Bay.So it appears the quandary the Mets are in is that they are doing something not many of us expected.  Competing.  And now with the new fangled extra Wild Card team not only could they and a host of others be in it but they could also be one of the few teams willing to sell if Sandy so chooses.   What say you Mets fans?  Wait and see while wasting valuable time, stick to your guns, go all in or slide right in the middle of this circle of Mets life and try to do it all.