On Friday the Mets Sandy Alderson held a blogger only conference call and today they held a webcast to answer fans queries with the promise of more of these events to come.This is a continued effort of reaching out to the blogosphere that started a few years back when the Mets made Matt Cerrone's Mets Blog the official blog of the New York Mets and has grown to having bloggers invited to on field events and functions at Citi Fields.Today Andy Martino in a post had this to say regarding the Mets efforts to reach out to the blogosphere.
"The Mets are wise to cultivate new communication strategies. The team is clearly aware of the same PR trends that have led President Obama to post YouTube videos and speak directly to the public, rather than always do so through the news media."
I have to agree with him on this. The Mets would be smart to take advantage of social media tools and speak directly to the public. It is what Martino says next that is of interest. He says,
"Fine. But you, the intelligent consumers of Mets information, know the difference between this and real news." and "...The Mets should be forward-thinking in the use of their official website. We’re just saying that it is what it is."
"Real news"? "It is what it is"? So if Alderson tells a blogger his views as he heads into the A.S.B. it is not real news? Also "it is" what exactly? Forgive me if this looks like nothing more than a man looking over his shoulder worried that maybe the internet which has already cut into the newspaper business continues to carve into it by possibly one day cutting the middle man out and allowing MLB teams to more directly speak to it's fanbase.Then to add to this to suggest that the bloggers phone conf will force bloggers to question their ethics he admits that media types like himself suffer with what and how they report things is affected due to being ethically challenged at losing access depending on what they criticize.
"By dialing into that call, bloggers stepped into the same ethically murky conflict of access vs. the ability to criticize that we MSM types face every minute."
Which in the end begs the question. If he already says its not news and it is what it is (whatever it means) regarding the Mets reaching out to the blogosphere why is it even relevant to bring up that bloggers will have to question their ethics?Sounds to me more like Andy Martino needs to reexamine what really led to him making his comments.