In an off-season where we debate the GM's success, the manager's success, the coaches, and everything else that has been beaten to death, what is glaring and puzzling to me at the same time is something that mostly goes unnoticed.  We all know that the talent on the roster is lacking but that alone doesn't answer the entire puzzle.  Below shows their home away splits, the first two numbers are wins and losses, the 2nd set of numbers show runs for and runs against, while finally their winning percentage. 

Home 33 48 268 337 .407
Road  41 40 351 347 .506

That’s astonishing.
And while the wins and losses don’t match as well, take a look at the previous 2 years:


Home 36 45 287 347 .444

Road 38 43 363 362 .469


Home 34 47 328 367 .420
Road  43 38 390 375 .531


Home 47 34 334 282 .580
Road  32 49 322 370 .395

A team that plays .500 on the road should be about .550 at home. If you played that out the Mets would have finished with around 86 wins this past season. That is NOT to make excuses, that is to point out flaws. We can start the same debate of Sandy vs Omar, Collins vs anyone, blah blah blah that occurs everyday but it still isn’t changing the fact that unless they solve the problem of Citi then they will stink no matter what players we bring in.