In a town where it is not easy to get positive press especially when it involves the NY Mets. When it does happen it is something worth noting. Below are a few excerpts worth noting.
  • Dave Searles - - "Sandy Alderson made his first major move as Mets general manager and it is a great one!"
  • Marty Noble - "What general manager Sandy Alderson has done is borderline remarkable. He has saved the club money, about $2 million -- no small consideration for a club with fiscal issues -- and has imported a 21-year-old pitcher with seemingly greater potential than any pitcher in the Mets' system, all for the price of a talented and valuable player who had no chance of pushing his team higher in the standings."
  • Will Leitch - NYMAG - "We can't imagine he (Alderson) could have possibly done any better."
  • John Harper - NY Daily News - "So Alderson is 2-for-2 as Mets GM, finding a taker for Francisco Rodriguez to get out from under K-Rod's $17.5 million option year, and now bringing back real value for Beltran."
  • Joel Sherman - NY Post - "This was a victory of front-office competence and the future — two areas that have been rather bleak in recent years for the Mets."
  • Keith Law - ESPN - "In acquiring pitching prospect Zack Wheeler from the San Francisco Giants for Carlos Beltran, the New York Mets made out like bandits."
  • Ian O'Connor - ESPNNewYork - "A lot can go wrong in baseball between the backwater bus rides and the bright lights of the big city, so nobody is sure whether Sandy Alderson moved the Mets closer to a parade to be named later by reportedly trading Carlos Beltran to the San Francisco Giants for Wheeler, the sixth overall pick of the 2009 draft.But this much is already clear: Alderson knows what he is doing, and then some. He made Francisco Rodriguez's $17.5 million vesting option disappear, and then he acquired a promising 21-year-old pitcher for a two- or three-month rental who won't land the Giants any compensatory draft picks if he walks in free agency."
  • Jim Callis - Baseball America - "It's a really nice get for the Mets, ...Wheeler has a tremendous arm, mid-90s velocity, with an easy delivery. You just don't see pitching prospects with his kind of upside being traded like this."
  • Ken Davidoff - Newsday - "From Opening Day to the official announcement Thursday, Beltran's final year with the Mets couldn't have gone any more smoothly. The Mets executives, in celebration, should treat themselves to their own steak dinner."