minaya-meets-reaperIs this enough?   Have we not been embarrassed enough as Mets fans?   Over the last 2.5 years we have had nothing but disappointment and controversy.   Look you know I don't blame Omar for everything that has transpired.   However as those in the job world would know the final product is always assigned to the one in charge and that man is supposedly Omar.   There is no doubt that this season was ruined by forces beyond his control.   However, does even those things have to include disappointment and controversy as well?   Example injuries.   Last year Wagner and Church.   They are fine, they need a few days rest, they need a short DL, we have no idea when they are coming back.   Sound familiar.   Sounds just like the same path that Delgado, Reyes, and Beltran took this year and maybe Sheffield as well.   Willie gate last year?   Willie is fine, he needs our support, hold a press conference to say he is fine, fly to California to fire him.   This off-season, we are looking at hitters, none fit, we like what we have.   Well Abreu would have fit just fine (.314 BA, .41o OBP, 22 steals) Again, that might have been Omar not wanting a hitter or even not having enough money for a hitter.   Why not just come out and say the truth?   We don't have the money for a player or we don't need one.   And now this final blow for me.   You have the chance to do what's right and get rid of a lose cannon that NO ONE wanted and what happens?   Disappointment and Controversy. This continuous up and down and back and forth in the media for the sake of approval needs to stop.   Omar only needs to worry about the opinion of one group... The Wilpons.   Stop worrying about Adam Rubin; stop worrying about Me and run this damn team.Now enough of that.   Time for a Poll: What Happens To Omar Now?Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)by m0vietrailerpark