BondermanScherzerVerlanderSnellRowland-SmithHardenLewisSheetsAndersonMillwoodPadillaLincecumSabathiaChamberlainBurnettBuchholzGarciaPeavySaundersWeaverParraGallardoDoug DavisSuppanFrancisCookReddingGarlandBergmannMyersMastersonBannisterZitoMecheGuthrieLeeDaviesW. DavisW. RodriquezHarangMarquisHamelsSanchezJ. JohnsonVader HurkPennyCarpenterWainwrightBy the way I did not include our own for obvious reasons.   Let the excuses begin.Lets all settle down and wait until at least May to panic over our rotation.   I know in the NY market things get blown out of proportion but seriously?   Most of us on TRDM were very positive about this season.   Now we have people nervous and some ready to jump off the Mets in 2010 train because of a few Spring Training starts.